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23 icons。

23 Disney movie icons for [ profile] disneydolce.

enchantment wickedness power legend courage
destiny song passion goodness friendship

category (black and white)
one two three four five

artist's choice
one two three four five

one two three

✿ credit is cool, but not required.
✿ textless icons are not bases.
✿ please don't hotlink.
✿ thanks for looking!

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Your coloring is gorgeous. ♥

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Beautiful! Snagging the first two, thank you!

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The soft glow of your icons is very sweet:)

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<3 All of the icons are beautiful.

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Your coloring is spectacular.

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Holy wow, Destiny is amazing! And your coloring is so beautiful!

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hoping and praying there will be more Merida icons from you :'3
I love the blending thing you do with your icons + the soft glow!!

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I snagged #courage! Thank you!

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Thanks! It's made by [ profile] dizzily @ [ profile] slntfireflyicon. (:
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Gorgeous work! THE COLORRRSSSS *____*

I really love Legend and Courage, and the whole AC set. :)